1. What is a performance fee / day rate?
    It is the payment made for your time on set.

  2. How much can I earn?
    Fees depends on the product, what media the advert is being used in, how long the advert is being flighted in each country.

  3. Will I be taxed on the money I earn?
    It is compulsory for all models in the industry, irrespective of age or earnings to pay tax. You will be issued with an IRP5 at the end of the tax year which will enable you to claim back tax should you not be liable to.

  4. Will my child pay tax?
    Yes, all children working in the Industry are to pay tax.

  5. When will I be paid?
    Production companies can take up to 90 days to pay their invoices. The model agency does not pay fees before receiving them from the client. The agency does a payment run at the end of each month. Once fees have been paid, you will be informed and sent a breakdown of the payment via email.