1. What sort of work do your models do?
    The focus of Candy’s Model & Talent Agency is on representing people of all ages and ethnicities for television commercials and photographic advertising (magazine adverts, posters, s).

  2. How much does it cost to join?
    There are no registration or monthly membership fees. When you are confirmed for a job, we deduct the standard regulated NAMA agency commission.

  3. Does it matter where I live?
    Yes, we are a Cape Town based agency so our castings take place in the Cape Town area. Castings, callbacks, wardrobe fittings and shoots can happen at short notice. If you reside more than 2 hours’ distance from Cape Town, it is likely you won’t arrive on time. Factors such as traffic, roadworks, accidents can all impact on your journey time.

  4. Will I / my child be guaranteed work?
    No agent can guarantee work for you / your child. Unfortunately it is not up to the agency who the client chooses for shoots. We can only put you / your child forward for work if you fit the client’s criteria.